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Advertise your properties with City Properties:

City Properties Real Estate is now providing the free fully functional section of the advertisement for all the Real Estates, Agents, Tenants and Other users.If you have/had any contract with the City Properties Real Estate just contact with City Properties administration and get your user name and password or Email us at In other case you have to register with City Properties after registration you can upload your properties on the official website of City Properties Real Estate. After the uploading your property you can see your property/properties in your local control panel but not in the list of advertised properties section until the management of City Properties Real Estate will not approve.

Online Property Booking:

In UAE Finding the perfect apartment, flat and studio to rent is never easy but City properties Real Estate giving you the opportunity to book the desire property online. You can go online, find an available property and book it, or fill out an online form and be well on your way to finding your new property.

Times have changed for you if you are looking perfect apartment, flat and studio just login and book your property, it does not matter in which country your living now. In the old days, it was a rather complex and drawn out process to find and book your property, it does not matter in which country your living now. In the old days, it was a rather complex and drawn out process to find property for rent. Some years back, you could not just go on online to look for Property to rent in United Arab Emirates. It was much more elaborate than that. First, you would have to look at the classified for the apartments for rent section (which, by the way is still a useful tool, though no longer cutting edge). Then, the work would begin.

Another great thing about using the instead of newspaper listings to search for property for rent is that you can see photos of the properties. In some cases you can view virtual tours, plus you can look it up on map quest and determine the precise location.

Of course, even with modern search tools for apartments for rent, you need to call, or at least e-mail people. But, as the times have gotten faster, and properties turnover rates have gotten much quicker, they have made everything so much quicker. Before you could even be considered to move in to property for rent, the landlord would always give you the fifth degree. He would call all of your references, make you introduce yourself to the neighbors, and maybe even call your boss and your previous landlords to see if you are a good worker and tenant.

Nowadays, after you use your apartments for rent search engine, and contact a few people, they might check your credit, but that is the most that they would even think of doing to you. More often, you can find apartments for rent that require nothing but a deposit and maybe a brief meeting between you and the landlord. And that is a great thing too, because without that, things would be much tougher for renters. Just like they used to be, that is, so much easier to find property for rent.

Advice For Tenant:

Report Problems Quickly to the Agent or Landlord, If there is a problem with the property then it is best to report it quickly to the letting agent or landlord. The sooner that the problem is reported then the quicker it can be dealt with, no matter how small the problem may be it is best to advice the letting agents or landlord.

Keep Records of Rent Payments

It is advised to keep a good record of all rent payments made and never make a payment in cash unless you get a receipt. If at all possible it is best to make a standing order payment direct from your bank account then there is a clear record of the payments made in your bank statements. Always keep your bank statements as there may be a dispute and you may need to check them to make sure a payment was sent.

Treat the Property as You Would Your Own

It is best to be respectful of the property that you are living in during the period of your tenancy. Always make sure that you keep the property in good order so you can be sure to get your tenancy deposit back. If you feel any work needs doing on the house or flat such as painting or decorating then mention this to the letting agent or landlord? It is the landlord's responsibility to ensure that the house is well maintained.