Smart Initiatives

The Fire Fighting GPS Tracking System

In 2011, and with compliance to Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Minister of Interior instructions to spread the culture of public safety and danger prevention awareness, City Properties Real Estate launched The Fire Fighting GPS Tracking System in cooperation with Sharjah Civil Defence.

The Fire Fighting GPS Tracking System is a unique tool of detecting and tracking fires in the previously registered buildings of Sharjah city, depending on the GPS service. Fire fighters can be able to identify the building and the flat under fire, this helps firemen and fire trucks reach their destinations fast and easily, saving time and effort and most importantly people.

With AED 5 million cost of this system, City Properties Real Estate ensures the social responsibility of businesses toward their societies and affirms the position of humans at the top of our concerns.

Project Screens

Drop of sustainability

This project carries a new idea that is applied for the first time for the sustainability of groundwater resources. It focuses on collecting all the drops of water from the air conditioners to be invested in providing resources for the groundwater storage, using and taking advantage of all the distilled water produced from air conditioners and assembled instead of wasting it.

It’s a new project and unfolded for the first time to support and to strengthen the creative National projects to establish a sustainable development and provide water reserve that would contribute significantly to securing water in the UAE and other Gulf countries

Once more, in City Properties Real Estate we prove our different and unique viewpoint of real estate properties as not only financial investment, but also resources of national and global progress and prosperity.